Exchanges are basically a weekend of almost non-stop dancing thrown by one city for all of the lindy hoppers in the world. Dancers go to these and dance all hours of the night, and then wake up and dance some more. Whew!

Exchanges are a great way to experience the styles of scenes and to meet dancers across the world. Austin hosts one of the longest running exchanges every year the weekend before Thanksgiving, Austin Lindy Exchange. We hope you’ll attend!


Workshops can be a few hours, a full day or even an entire weekend, featuring one or more instructors. Swing dance workshops are held all over the world and many dancers go to learn new moves, technique, and hear different perspectives on dancing from various instructors. Workshops are also a great place to meet other dancers from around the world!


Camps are similar to workshops, but are generally anywhere from a week in length to a full month! Some are held at a summer camp or local colleges so you can enjoy both lindy hop and a break from everyday life. As with workshops and exchanges, you will meet other dancers from around the world – always a plus! If you’d like to see a list of our favorite exchanges, workshops, camps and competitions, visit our Weekend Workshops page!