What classes do you offer?

  • Lindy Foundations
  • Lindy Core
  • Lindy Plus
  • Balboa
  • Advanced Balboa
  • Collegiate Shag

For more details on the material covered in each class click here:


Do you still offer the Intro to Swing lesson in the main ballroom?

Yes! Every Thursday!   It is FREE with admission.  Class is from 8:15 to 9:00 pm, no partner required!


What do you mean by “progressive classes”?

A progressive class builds on material covered in the previous week for a whole month.  A “weekly” class starts from the beginning each week and does not assume there is any prerequisite knowledge to take the class.


Can I sign up online?

Yes you can! You can sign up online here!


Do I need a partner?

Some of our students do bring a partner but most of them do not.  You never need to bring a partner to our classes!  We will rotate often and give you lots of opportunities to practice the material.


How do I know which class to take?

If you are unsure which level you should take you can ask the front desk where/when to do a level test.  Level testing is typically done on the first week of the month from 6:30 pm to 7:00 pm.


When/where do I sign up?

If you are signing up on the first week of the month before lessons start we do ask that you get there early (at 6:30 pm) to allow for plenty of time to sign up and beat the line!

You can sign up in advance any time during the Thursday dance.  Just ask the front desk and they will get you signed up!


What is the pricing?

  • Member pricing: $45 (1 Month) / $125 (3 Month)
  • Non-member pricing: $50 (1 Month) / $135 (3 Month)


If I miss the first week of a series, can I still take classes?

Yes, however, we encourage you to join within the first two weeks for the best experience.  Due to the progressive nature of our classes we generally do not allow students to join in the last two weeks, but if you obtain teacher permission you can be allowed to join.  Please obtain permission before class starts.


If I arrive late to class, can I still attend?

Yes, however we do close the doors to our class rooms 10 minutes after class starts to minimize disruptions.  Our instructors do appreciate your intention to be on time.   You will obtain the best value by being present in class for the full duration of the period.


Can I get credit for missed classes?

Sorry. We cannot offer credit for missed classes at this time.  If for some reason you know you will miss a whole month, let us know in advance and we can push out the start date.