Four on the Floor - Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston Dance Studio in Austin Texas

Four on the Floor is Austin’s longest running swing dance studio and the home for learning Swing and Lindy Hop in the music capitol of the world, and now FotF operates on Thursday nights before our weekly dances!

Four on the Floor was founded by Matt Jones, one of the original founders of the Austin swing dance scene. Austinites love to dance, so why not have a fun and relaxed experience at the best house in town? If you don’t know anyone when you start classes, you’ll have a new group of friends when you leave.

Four on the Floor has been listed as the Best of Austin by the Austin Chronicle. You can also check out their reviews on YelpFacebook, and Google Maps – feel free to write one!

With Four on the Floor’s classes, you will be able to dance out in the Austin music scene to a variety of music like jazz and swing music, blues music, country music, and rockabilly music. The studio teaches a variety of vintage jazz dances including balboa, charleston, lindy hop, collegiate shag and even jitterbug!

Four on the Floor believes in social dancing in the real world — so their swing and lindy hop lessons keep it simple, social, and down to earth. They offer expert teaching with an easy attitude and the loose, fun nightclub style that will get you out there.