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Ryan Swift is a photographer, dancer, and DJ based in NYC. He’s been dancing since 1998 and DJ’d around the world, DJing for numerous Lindy Hop exchanges, dance camps, weekend workshops, and competitions, including national events such as the International Lindy Hop ChampionshipsStompologyUltimate Lindy Hop Showdown & Frankie100, and at NYC events like Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. He has also served as head DJ at events like LindyFest & Lindy Focus. (1) For more information about Ryan, visit his website.

He’s also been the host of Inside the Dancer’s Studio at LindyFest in which he’s asked extremely insightful questions of prominent members of the dance community, such as Dawn Hampton to top level instructors. In 2015, he launched The Track Podcast, where he does longer former interviews with musicians and dancers in the national scene today.

Definitely explore the whole catalog of episodes that are available at The Track Podcast, but I’ve highlighted a few episodes of interest to DJs and dancers below as it relates to playing music for dancers; a veritable who’s who of DJ’s and musicians in the modern scene today.  Each episode has show notes, so you can skip specific topics they cover.

Laura Windley

The Track  014 – Laura WindleyLaura Windley is the bandleader and vocalist for the Mint Julep Jazz Band, a featured band at Austin’s own Hot Rhythm Holiday. She’s been a special guest and vocalist for the Lindy Focus All Star Band, Michael Gamble’s various bands, and many others A renowned DJ in her own right, she has a deep knowledge of music and has been a DJ at events such as All Balboa Weekend, Eastern Balboa Championships, and many more. She is the author of Lindy Shopper. Here’s Laura singing Betcha Nickel at Lindy Focus in 2016 (if you have a keen eye, you’ll see former Austin resident Jonathan Doyle on the sax).

Key highlights for this episode: The whole thing!

Shana Worel

The Track 004 – Shana WorelShana Worel is a dancer, instructor, and DJ in Southern California. She’s been a featured DJ at All Balboa Weekend, Lindy Focus, California Balboa Classic, Camp Hollywood, Lindy on the Rocks, The Balboa Experiment, Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout and many other events. Extremely well versed in music, she’s a valuable resource when it comes to playing music for Swing dancers and is more than happy to help new DJs learn (especially if that interest includes Lionel Hampton).

Key highlights for this episode:  what is the difference between music for Balboa and Lindy Hop, and a great discussion on the history of Balboa.

Jonathan Stout

The Track 008 – Jonathan Stout – Band leader, arranger, rhythm and lead guitarist, occasional drummer, dancer and DJ, Jonathan Stout is an impressive figure in Swing music. He leads the Campus Five (featuring Hilary Alexander) and The Jonathan Stout Orchestra (featuring Hilary Alexander), as well as a other projects.  Since 2015, he’s been the band leader for the Lindy Focus All Star Orchestra, a band that has produced some of the best and most energetic live music honoring the originals.  [See below for Lindy Focus Playlists (2)]

Key highlights for this episode: what makes a good song for swing dancing and a great discussion on musicality.

Josh Collazo

The Track 021 – Josh Collazo – Josh Collazo is the drummer for Jonathan Stout, the Lindy Focus All Star Orchestra, as well as a host of other bands in the Swing dance world. A band leader as well, he’s had a few projects, such as the The Feetwarmers, an LA based band; in 2015, he started the Candy Jacket Jazz band. He also is a dancer. Outside of the dance world, he plays drums for a little band called Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, a Grammy-winning and platinum-selling American rock folk band. Not only that, he is a dancer. [For an interview specifically about drumming, see below (3)]

Key highlights for this episode: the technique and music theory of what provides an authentic swing era sound, how his passion for swing dancing in the late 90s influenced his development as a drummer, and what it’s like to fill the shoes of drum legends like Gene Krupa and Chick Webb at the Lindy Focus tribute nights. (1)

Michael Gamble

The Track 015 – Michael Gamble – Asheville, NC native Michael Gamble wears many hats in the fifteen years he’s been swing dancing: Bandleader (Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders, bassist, arranger, transcriber, and DJ. He also one of the co-organizers for Lindy Focus, one of the largest, best run, and preeminent dance events in the US, not just as a dance camp, but as an event that works to further the Swing dance community through providing the high level instruction, the best music (the transcription projects! more on that in a future post), and being a leader in the Safe Spaces discussion and implementation of creating a welcoming and safe place for dancers. He’s been the head DJ for Beantown, Lindy Focus and the European Swing Dance Championships, and a featured DJ at Herrang Dance CampILHC, and the Lone Star Championships, to name a few.

Key highlights for this episode: how DJs carry the responsibility for furthering jazz literacy in an era focused on live music, and the the challenges of transcribing a classic swing song (1)

Rob Moreland

The Track 010 – Rob Moreland – For fifteen years Rob Moreland has been DJing for Swing dancers around the country, DJing long-running nationally-known venues in Raleigh, LA, New York City, Washington DC, Denver and other cities; one of the featured DJs at StompologySwing Out New Hampshire, and the Nevermore Jazz Ball..  He DJed at the Basie Centennial Ball in 2004 and in 2018 continues to be the head DJ for Lindy Focus.

Key highlights for this episode: DJ mistake horror stories, the differences between DJing at large national events and local regular gigs, preparing for gigs & contest music, and advice he’d give to new and aspiring DJs

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1 – Copied shamelessly from The Track Podcast “About” page

2 – Lindy Focus Video Playlists:

3 – Josh talking about the evolution of drumming and how Swing is different than other forms of music – Josh on drumming.

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