Staff Spotlight #1: Lian Tarhay

We’re starting a series of monthly interviews of the hard-working staff of the Austin Swing Syndicate. Our first staff interview was with DJ and teacher (swing, lindy, balboa) Lian Tarhay.

What do you do on the Austin Swing Syndicate staff?

LT: Currently I DJ the main ballroom & uptempo room and teach swing lessons before the dance.

When and why did you start dancing?

LT: I started swing dancing my freshman year of college maybe a week or two into the first semester friends dragged me along to a ‘swing night’ at a local bar. We got X’s on our hands since we couldn’t drink adult beverages yet. I was awful, but it was so much fun! (part of the reason I was awful was because I was use to ballet/tap/jazz where I decided what move to do….following was really difficult when I just wanted to decide on the move before the leader did).

Why are you still dancing?

LT: Danced casually for years, then got really hooked after I went to a Lindy Exchange.

What’s your favorite swing song?

LT: We’ll go with my favorite song is still Bei Mir Bist du Schoen from the Swing Kids soundtrack even though I’ve heard it so many times since that first night out dancing.

What is your most useless talent?

LT: The ability to make elaborate plans in my head, then forget about them.

What do you do outside of the swing dance world?

LT: I hang out with my dog, enjoy learning about astronomy, and work as a Process Engineer.

What are your favorite movies, books, or shows?

LT: Awesome book – Blue Moon Rising by Simon R Green. Amazing recent movie – Arrival.

What’s your favorite room in the Fed?

LT: The patio area between the ballroom and kitchen is lovely in the evening.

What’s your favorite part about DJing and teaching at the Austin Swing Syndicate?

LT: Watching everybody have an amazing time dancing – whether I got to teach them a few moves, or keep them dancing with fun tunes.