Rollerskating on Tuesday, April 2nd

Rollerskating with the Austin Swing Syndicate
Part of our continued initiatives this year as a board is to create events where our members can mingle and get to know each other. Too often our conversations go like this:

A Person: Hey, wanna dance?

Another Person: Sure!

A Person: What’s your name (again)? >.< Another Person: I’m Another Person, what’s your name?

A Person: I’m A Person.

…dance, dance, dance…

Another Person: Well, thanks for the dance, it was fun!

A Person: Thanks, it was.

And we think that works for us pretty well, except it’s TOTALLY LAME for developing community and making real friends, and pretty much every person needs community and real friends, dancers included.

Now you may be saying, “Hey! I do have real friends, don’t be stupid!” Ok, most of you probably do, but who doesn’t want MORE?!?!

So, we’re going rollerskating. Most of you will be bad at it, and then you will bond. It will be fun!

And now you may be saying “Hey! I’m awesome at rollerskating!” And to that I say “Good for you kind sir, but I am terrible, and I’m going to embrace it and hope I don’t fall down and break my face.”

Now it’s time for the details:

When? Tuesday, April 2nd from 7:00 – 10:30 PM

What? ROLLERSKATING! Adult Skate Night Tuesdays.

Where? Playland Skate Center, only the best place on Earth!

Why? For FUN.

Who? You! Unless you’re under 18, then they will not let you in. Terribly sorry.

Cost? $8.00 – we will provide munchies and beverages

Finally, be sure to give big thanks to our Social Coordinator Kim Weigel for organizing this rollerskating extravaganza. Because she is fantastic. Check out our Facebook event to invite your friends!