New Classes!

We have two exciting new classes we are going to start offering in January 2023!  People have been clamoring for more advanced classes since we launched our program last year and we are ready to deliver!

Advanced Swing/Taster Class

This class is for anyone who has taken “intro to swing” a few times and is ready to start building on the basics! This class will cover advanced turn patterns, footwork variations, and technique for 6 count swing. This class also functions as a rotating taster class so expect to see other material covered such as solo jazz moves (like those featured in the shim sham), Charleston and more!  This class will be offered every week (except blues weeks, the first Thursday of the month). Cost is $10 per class. Class runs from 8:00 to 9:00 pm.

Advanced Balboa

This is an advanced Balboa class for anyone who is comfortable dancing at a high bpm (190+).  Prerequisite moves should include the Come around, paddles, lollies, out & ins and the toss out.  This class will focus on expanding your current repertoire of moves, learn more variations, continue to work on transitions and flow between moves, and dive deeper into partner communication and musicality.  This class will join our monthly progressive class lineup. Cost is $50 per month. Class runs from 8:00 to 9:00 pm.