Learn the Frankie100 Global Choreography in Austin!

Learn the Frankie100 Choreography in Austin!

This year marks the celebration of Frankie Manning’s 100th birthday! In a global tribute to Frankie, cities around the world are learning and performing The Lindy Chorus, choreographed by Frankie himself.

To kick off Austin’s participation in this centennial celebration, the Austin Swing Syndicate will be teaching the Frankie 100 choreography in a 4-week class starting Thursday, April 24! The class will be taught by Andrew Muñoz and Gina Helfrich, and is FREE to everyone with admission to the Syndicate’s weekly Thursday dance.

  • Class dates are April 24, May 1, May 8, and May 15 (all Thursdays)
  • Classes will be held at the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Headquarters, check with the front desk for exact room location
  • Classes will go from 8:15-9:15pm, before the social dance begins
  • FILMING of the choreography will take place on Thursday May 15!

While dancers of all levels are welcome to participate, the Frankie 100 choreography is mainly partnered lindy hop and charleston so having basic knowledge of both is recommended. Check out the choreography below to practice on your own!

For more information on the Frankie 100 global choreography: http://frankie100.com/frankie-100-global-choreo/