Freewheeling Parking is Going Away

FreeWheeling is Closing so do NOT Park There

Freewheeling Bicycles and their parking lot will soon be no more. Starting in May, we are no longer under contract to use their lot on Thursday evenings and soon the space will be torn up and development will begin to turn it into something else. Which means this Thursday, May 2nd, do NOT park at Freewheeling. The lot will not be open and free to us and there will be a valet service that will be monitoring the lot and charging for parking. However, we will have parking still just at a garage now!

New Parking at UT Towers Parking Garage

We do have new parking, so don’t fret! The Austin Swing Syndicate will be contracted for 75 spots (more than we had in the Freewheeling lot, the old lot only held 50 spots) at University Towers (801 W 24th St). The entrance to the parking garage is at 23rd and Pearl, see a map here. When you pull up to the parking garage in May, just let the attendant know you are there for the Austin Swing Syndicate, and the first 75 will park for free. In June, the system for parking at UT Towers may change, so  keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates!

So how do you get there exactly? No worries, we created this handy visualization for the new parking below. And if that doesn’t work you can always try using a preset Google Maps that we made. Also keep in mind there’s still plenty of street parking around the area if the garage is filled up. See you guys at the Fed!

Thursday May 9, 2013 UPDATE: Also, if you don’t see a parking attendant at the garage tonight, don’t worry, we’ve been assured that the exit gate will be open when you are leaving the Fed tonight, so just take a ticket to enter the garage, you will not have to pay to leave, according to the company the Fed is contracted with. Thanks!

Map to New Parking Garage