Election Announcement: Nominations Open

The Elections Committee would like to announce the beginning of the Austin Swing Syndicate 2017 election cycle.

The elections will be run a bit differently this year in order to align our practices with the law and the recommendations of our lawyer.

Key differences:

1. Members will elect seven board members without designating offices (President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary). Once elected, the board with then elect the officers from among the elected directors. This is required by non-profit law and our bylaws, but has not been applied in recent years. “Following inauguration of elected Directors, the Board shall select officers, including a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary. The positions of President, Vice President, and Treasurer shall not be filled by minors” (Austin Swing Syndicate Bylaws, Section 3.04).

2. We are transitioning to staggered two-year terms upon the strong recommendation of our lawyer. In order to start implementing this system, the three candidates who receive the most votes will be granted two-year terms on the board. The remaining four candidates will serve one-year terms, and their spots will be up for re-election for two-year terms in the 2018 election. Officers will be voted on internally by the board each year.

Feb. 8th – Nominations open
Feb. 23rd – Nominations close
Mar. 2nd – Biographies are posted, online voting begins
Mar. 9th – In-person voting, polls close at midnight
Mar. 10th – Election results (including exact vote counts) sent to members by email

Please email [email protected] to declare your candidacy or if you have any questions. If you would like to nominate someone else, please copy the nominated party on your email. They will have to accept the nomination to be included on the ballot.