DJ Battle of the Bands, Fourth Edition

31 January 2019, Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs, Austin, Texas

The Austin Swing Syndicate held its fourth semi-annual Battle of The Bands (via recorded music), with Lionel Hampton1 going head to head with his former bandleader, and second time Syndicate Battler, Benny Goodman2. Tommy Dorsey3 made his debut in the dance hall to make this a trifecta of bandleaders who were the masters of their instruments.

Dorsey, a king of the ballad and pop song, played every Swing tune in his book, including his signature tune penned by Sy Oliver, Well Git It. Hamp delighted with his different arrangements of Flying Home and exquisite vibraphone playing. Yet it was Goodman, who came out Swinging with the first song of his first set with the Mary Lou Williams’ boogie composition, Roll ‘Em, that ultimately took home the Syndicate honors as the winner of the Battle of the Bands!

The Winner: Benny Goodman (DJ Nik)

Here’s the slideshow from the evening:

20190131 Battle.001
20190131 Battle.002
20190131 Battle.003
20190131 Battle.004
20190131 Battle.005
20190131 Battle.006
20190131 Battle.007
20190131 Battle.008
20190131 Battle.009
20190131 Battle.010
20190131 Battle.011
20190131 Battle.012
20190131 Battle.013

And if you’re interested in the songs played that evening:


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1 Hampton (or Hamp) was presented by DJ Mike Roberts

2 Goodman was presented by DJ Nik Brauer

3 Dorsey was presented by DJ Emelise Baldwin

All of the DJs did amazing! This was Emelise’s first full DJ set against veterans of the craft!