December Workshop Series

December Workshops

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Cost: $25 each, pay at the door


12/8 | The Shim Sham! w/ Kari Kron 

Here’s your chance to learn the tap-inspired, solo line dance we all do every Thursday night. Kari will teach you to boogie back and Shorty George like a pro! Level: All levels, no partner required. Room: Art Gallery

12/8 | Fast Dance Mythbusting w/ Amanda Pincock & Zach Lockett-Streiff and Jennifer Reed & Matt Mitchell

“I’m out of shape.” | “The music is too fast.” | “I can’t dance that fast.” | Sound familiar? Don’t sit down when the tempos pick up! Hang out with Amanda & Zach and Jen & Matt as they dispel some common myths about fast dancing and teach you techniques for dancing comfortably at faster (and slower) tempos! This workshop applies to any dance style – whether your favorite is Lindy Hop, Balboa, or Collegiate Shag! Level: All levels, no partner required. Room: Georgian Room

12/15 | Swivels! w/ Holly Kiang & Kevin Wang

Swivels are a dynamic movement in Lindy Hop, primarily used by followers. Holly and Kevin will work with you on body awareness and mechanics to build swivel technique, explore expressions of this movement, and contextualize swivels within a partnership. Please wear shoes that allow you to pivot. Prerequisite: Must be able to transition between 6- and 8-count rhythms. Familiarity with swing outs preferred. Room: Georgian Room

12/15 | Rhythm In Partnership w/ Ale Mier & Misha Zvonkin

It really don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing! This class will connect you to the driving force of the dance – Rhythm. Ale and Misha will work with you on presence, percussion, and communication in a partnership. Prerequisite: 1-2 months of Lindy Hop Foundations recommended. Partner not needed but encouraged. Room: Art Gallery

12/22 | Intermediate-Advanced 6-count Swing w/ Joanna Lucero & Matt Mitchell

Jitterbugs! Come level up your Swing dancing in this 6-count move-focused class. Joanna and Matt will introduce new, fun moves to add to your 6-count Swing and Lindy Hop repertoire! Prerequisite: Familiarity with the 6-count basic Swing rhythm (step, step, rock step). Room: Georgian Room