Check Out The December Workshops!!!

Santa Jen has brought the best workshop line-up ever!  Be you naughty or be you nice we’ll still let you in.  Check’em out:

(All workshops are from 7:30pm-9:00pm.  $20 per workshop pay at the door.)

Swing Jams! | December 5 | Keli & Kevin

What’s a Swing Jam?!? It’s a spontaneous display of dancing, of any skill level, that results in an enthusiastic, clapping crowd. Learn cool ways to get in and out of a Jam and some flashy moves to wow the crowd while building confidence in your dancing! Suitable for all levels!


Slow Balboa | December 5 | Jen & Matt

Because Balboa isn’t just for fast music! Learn (or relearn) the slow Balboa basic and some fun moves to help you dance elegantly to slower tempos. Suitable for all levels!


Turn Technique for Everyone | December 12 | Grace & Matt

Have you ever wondered how great dancers achieve those smooth, perfectly balanced, well-paced turns? We’re going to tell you the secret and help you incorporate good turn technique into your dancing. Goodbye, wonky turns! Suitable for all levels!


Collegiate Shag Shapes & Musicality | December 12 | Amanda & Zach

Isn’t it fun to watch those energetic Shag dancers make magic happen on the dance floor? How do they lead and follow those cool shapes and patterns? Learn to create shapes and add a touch of musicality to elevate your dancing. This workshop is suitable for students who have taken at least one Shag 1 series and who are comfortable with the Shag basic or more.


Swingout Clinic | December 19 | Joanna & Mike

If all you want for Christmas is a better swing out, this is the workshop for you! This popular workshop returns for dancers who are comfortable with the Lindy rhythm and who can execute a basic swing out and maybe even some variations. Lindy Hoppers never stop working on this fundamental move. Consider this class a “do not miss”. Suitable for Intermediate and up!


Advanced Lindy Hop Moves & Movement | December 19 | Keli & Kevin

Are you ready to take your Lindy Hop skills and aesthetics to the next level? In this workshop, you will learn advanced moves to add to your repertoire and work on ways of moving to help you “look” like an advanced Lindy Hopper. Suitable for Intermediate Plus to Advanced.


Breaks & Finishes for Swing & Lindy Hop | December 26 | Tabitha & Joe

Are you still dancing when everyone else stops at that break in the song? Yea, we’ve been there too. In this workshop, you’ll learn to hit those breaks and do something cool when the band makes a musical pause. We’ll also teach you some fun ways to finish a song. Suitable for all levels!


Intermediate-Advanced Jitterbug | December 26 | Jen & Andrew

You’ve been taking our main ballroom lesson for a while, and you may have taken some 6-count Swing classes. If you’re ready to add some fun, new moves to your 6-count repertoire, this workshop is for you, Jitterbug! Students should be comfortable with the 6-count basic step.