Workshop Descriptions

Musicality 101 | Dec 6, 8-9:00pm

Take your dancing to the next level in this fun, interactive workshop! Matt Mitchell and George White will discuss song structure, timing, phrasing, dynamic changes, call and response, and other concepts dancers use to be musical and create the story they want to tell through dance.

The Big Apple | Solo Jazz & Group Performance

4-week series | Dec 6, 13, 20 & 27, 8-9:00pm

Learn the Big Apple with Lian Tarhay in this 4-week progressive workshop series that concludes with a performance on Thursday, Jan 3. The Big Apple is a group dance made up of fun solo jazz moves every swing dancer should know. The Big Apple was popular with dancers in the 1930s and is still danced all over the world today!

Swing Sampler | Dec 13, 8-9:00pm

Learn the basics of Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Lindy Hop with Amanda Pincock and Matt Mitchell. In just one hour, you’ll learn enough to attempt these dances on the social floor. Whether you are Bal or Shag curious or want to learn the opposite role, this workshop is for you!

Swingout Clinic | Dec 20, 8-9:00pm

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop for a while, you’re comfortable with the Lindy rhythm and basic swingouts or maybe even some variations, and you’re ready to make those swingouts look and feel even better. Joanna Lucero and Mike Roberts will help you take your Lindy Hop swingouts to the next level!

Int/Adv Jitterbug | Dec 27, 8-9:00pm

You’ve been attending our main ballroom lesson and you know some basic 6-count Swing, but you want to add more fun, advanced moves to your repertoire. Join Jennifer Reed and Andrew Munoz for this workshop designed for all you Jitterbugs!