Austin Swing Syndicate general updates and announcements

We Have a Parking Garage!

New Garage Parking Map

The wonderful management of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Headquarters, lovingly known to us as “The Fed,” has provided us with a parking garage down the street from our venue. The parking garage is FREE to all our attendees. We provide a nightly code at the front desk that can be entered on the keypad at the exit to the garage. Your ticket will not be needed. The parking garage information is below.

New Parking Garage at the Quarters Parking Garage

Look for this Entrance to the Garage with the Green/Aqua-colored “P” sign.

The Quarters Parking Garage

2216 Rio Grande St.

Austin, TX 78705

Here’s how the parking will work: Read more

Shim Sham classes for the month of August!

Shim Sham Classes

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Fritz

The Austin Swing Syndicate will be teaching a Shim Sham Class for the month of August. The Shim Sham is traditional jazz line dance (no partner necessary, think of it like an old school, 1920’s version of Cupid Shuffle or Teach Me How to Dougie). We do the Shim Sham every Thursday around 10:30pm and this is a great way to learn the steps so you can participate with everyone. The best part, is the class is FREE with admission into the dance.

We have fabulous instructors teaching two week series on the Shim Sham. We’ll have two separate series of classes so if you miss one just wait until the next series starts. Here’s the information:

First 2-Week Series

  • Teacher: Joanna Lucero
  • Dates: Thursday, August 7 & Thursday, August 14, 2014
  • Time: 8:15pm to 9:15pm
  • Location: Austin Swing Syndicate (in the Art Gallery, when you walk in it’s in the side room to your left)

Second 2-Week Series

  • Teacher: Vanessa Shields
  • Dates: Thursday, August 21 & Thursday, August 28, 2014
  • Time: 8:15pm to 9:15pm
  • Location: Austin Swing Syndicate (in the Art Gallery, when you walk in it’s in the side room to your left)

Learn the Frankie100 Global Choreography in Austin!

Learn the Frankie100 Choreography in Austin!

This year marks the celebration of Frankie Manning’s 100th birthday! In a global tribute to Frankie, cities around the world are learning and performing The Lindy Chorus, choreographed by Frankie himself.

To kick off Austin’s participation in this centennial celebration, the Austin Swing Syndicate will be teaching the Frankie 100 choreography in a 4-week class starting Thursday, April 24! The class will be taught by Andrew Muñoz and Gina Helfrich, and is FREE to everyone with admission to the Syndicate’s weekly Thursday dance. Read more

Celebrate Frankie100 in Austin!

Frankie100 Celebration in Austin
The Austin Swing Syndicate will be having a special dance on May 22, 2014 to celebrate Frankie100. It’s the 100th birthday anniversary for the ambassador of swing dance, Frankie Manning. If you want to learn more, head over to the Frankie100 website and read about how Frankie changed the world with swing dancing. Read more

Upcoming Annual Member’s Meeting with FREE Pizza!

Pizza at the Annual Member's Meeting!
Join us for our Annual Members’ Meeting on Thursday February 27 at 8pm in the Art Gallery at The Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs. There will be FREE pizza for all Austin Swing Syndicate members! Read more

Vote for your 2014 Syndicate Board of Directors!

It’s time for the annual Austin Swing Syndicate Board of Directors Elections!

Voting Dates: February 6 and February 13

To vote:

1. You must be a member. Annual membership is $20 for students and $30 for adults, plus you get in for $3 the rest of the year. If you’re expired, it’s time to renew!

2. You must be physically present to vote during one of the two weeks. Read more

Meet your Nominees for the 2014 Syndicate Board Elections!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again, Elections!

This year is slightly different for elections since the current Austin Swing Syndicate board wanted to make sure that each year moving forward we would have some continuity within the board. For example, major projects or initiatives that span longer than a year could be continued by the next board. Also, as we grow as an organization we wanted to make sure that our current board is armed with historical knowledge of previous board members. In that light, we have made the named positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) alternating 2 year terms. So this year, President and Secretary will be elected to 2 year terms. Vice President and Treasurer will be elected to one year terms, and in 2015 they will be for 2 year terms.

Also, something to note this year, the current Austin Swing Syndicate board has made recommendations for the named positions for who they think will best serve the community and help the Austin Swing Syndicate grow and continue to move in the right direction. Please keep in mind the board’s recommendation when voting.

With that cleared up, here are your nominees! Read more

We are open on January 2nd!

Austin Swing Syndicate Happy New Year 2014
We hope everyone had a great time during the holidays and celebrating New Year’s! Now that 2014 has started, what new year’s resolutions do you have? We hope coming out dancing (more) is one of them! Some people were unsure if we would be open on the 2nd, but to confirm: YES, we are open! As our “unofficial” motto states there is swing dancing every Thursday at the Austin Swing Syndicate! If this is your first time visiting Austin Swing Syndicate here’s what you can expect from our weekly event:

8:00pm: Doors Open

8:15pm to 9:00pm: Intro to Swing Class (main ballroom)

8:30pm to 9:30pm: Various Intro dance classes located in the side room (rotating elective each week, for January 2nd it will be Intro to Blues)

9pm to Midnight: Social Dancing to DJ’ed music (great time to practice what you have learned and meet new people!)

Remember, our weekly Thursday classes and dance is located at the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs (aka The Fed) at 2312 San Gabriel St., Austin, Texas 78705. The map is below.

For dance lessons and 3 hours of dancing, it’s only $6 for the night $3 if you become a member)! We hope to see you all out dancing tonight! Happy New Year!

We are open on December 26th!

Swing Dancing Every Thursday At Austin Swing Syndicate

At Austin Swing Syndicate, we value community, and we hope all our members and attendees are having a a great holiday week. We had a lot of questions recently regarding if we are open on December 26th. To put everyone’s inquiring minds at ease: YES, we will be holding a regular weekly Austin Swing Syndicate Thursday dance. In fact, if you were unaware, we have held weekly Thursday dances since 1999! In the past 14 years, we have maybe missed only a handful of Thursdays due to the venue being unavailable. We want you to always remember, that there is swing dancing every Thursday at the Austin Swing Syndicate!

So tell all you family and friends, to come out and learn some swing dancing this Thursday at the Fed. It’ll be a great time to share with your friends and family the joys of swing dancing! See you all Thursday!