Austin Swing Syndicate general updates and announcements


Roaring 20’s New Year’s Dance

Come celebrate New Year’s eve dancing to a live band, the one and only swinging Waller Creek Vipers.  You wanted NYE’s back, but if you want this to stay on track we have to sell 123 tickets, so show your love and go over to eventbrite and get your ticket!

Tickets $30

Dance will be at the TFWC Mansion (affectionately known as the Fed)

2312 San Gabriel Street, Austin, TX 78705

Board of Directors Elections 2020

Election Cycle Schedule

Feb. 21st – Nominations close
Feb. 27th – Election Town Hall (Biographies posted this week)
Mar. 5th – Online voting begins
Mar. 12th – In-person voting, polls close at Midnight
Mar. 15th – Election results (including exact vote counts) sent to members by email by this date
Mar. 26th – New Board first meeting

Candidate Biographies

Nominations for our Board of Directors are now open! Please email to declare your candidacy, or with any questions. Elections for the three open Board of Directors spots will be held in March. Joining the board is a great way to give back to a community you love, help us decide what our next priorities should be, and get in on the inner workings of the organization. Plus you’ll get to hang with fun people, it looks great on a resume, and you get in free to our dances/events.

Being on the board is a two-year commitment. Officers (President, VP, etc.) are elected internally among directors once elected. The elections are run by the Elections Committee, a neutral group nominated by the current Board.


Valentine Dance

Looking for love in all the wrong places?  Well forget about that and come to the Valentine Dance instead on Feb 13th!

Live music, Jonathan Ng and the Stray Hearts.

Members $7, non-members $10.

Birthday Jam & Shim Sham

Schedule Update:

Birthday jam (followed by shim sham) will be on 1st and 3rd Thursdays starting Jan 2020.



Starting in January don’t park at the  700-898 W21 1/2st Quarters Parking Garage.

New Free Parking Location Starts in January 2020: The new location will be in a garage under the building at 2401 Longview Street, but NOTE the entrance to the garage is in the ALLEY between Longview and Leon St down the ramp on the west side of the alley.  Again the entrance is not on Longview street nor Leon street but off the ALLEY that runs between them.  

We’ve got it now so the Gate will be up, and a garage code will not be needed. 


View of the alley from 24th street:

View of the ramp to parking area on the west side of alley.


Check Out The December Workshops!!!

Santa Jen has brought the best workshop line-up ever!  Be you naughty or be you nice we’ll still let you in.  Check’em out:

(All workshops are from 7:30pm-9:00pm.  $20 per workshop pay at the door.)

Swing Jams! | December 5 | Keli & Kevin

What’s a Swing Jam?!? It’s a spontaneous display of dancing, of any skill level, that results in an enthusiastic, clapping crowd. Learn cool ways to get in and out of a Jam and some flashy moves to wow the crowd while building confidence in your dancing! Suitable for all levels!


Slow Balboa | December 5 | Jen & Matt

Because Balboa isn’t just for fast music! Learn (or relearn) the slow Balboa basic and some fun moves to help you dance elegantly to slower tempos. Suitable for all levels!


Turn Technique for Everyone | December 12 | Grace & Matt

Have you ever wondered how great dancers achieve those smooth, perfectly balanced, well-paced turns? We’re going to tell you the secret and help you incorporate good turn technique into your dancing. Goodbye, wonky turns! Suitable for all levels!


Collegiate Shag Shapes & Musicality | December 12 | Amanda & Zach

Isn’t it fun to watch those energetic Shag dancers make magic happen on the dance floor? How do they lead and follow those cool shapes and patterns? Learn to create shapes and add a touch of musicality to elevate your dancing. This workshop is suitable for students who have taken at least one Shag 1 series and who are comfortable with the Shag basic or more.


Swingout Clinic | December 19 | Joanna & Mike

If all you want for Christmas is a better swing out, this is the workshop for you! This popular workshop returns for dancers who are comfortable with the Lindy rhythm and who can execute a basic swing out and maybe even some variations. Lindy Hoppers never stop working on this fundamental move. Consider this class a “do not miss”. Suitable for Intermediate and up!


Advanced Lindy Hop Moves & Movement | December 19 | Keli & Kevin

Are you ready to take your Lindy Hop skills and aesthetics to the next level? In this workshop, you will learn advanced moves to add to your repertoire and work on ways of moving to help you “look” like an advanced Lindy Hopper. Suitable for Intermediate Plus to Advanced.


Breaks & Finishes for Swing & Lindy Hop | December 26 | Tabitha & Joe

Are you still dancing when everyone else stops at that break in the song? Yea, we’ve been there too. In this workshop, you’ll learn to hit those breaks and do something cool when the band makes a musical pause. We’ll also teach you some fun ways to finish a song. Suitable for all levels!


Intermediate-Advanced Jitterbug | December 26 | Jen & Andrew

You’ve been taking our main ballroom lesson for a while, and you may have taken some 6-count Swing classes. If you’re ready to add some fun, new moves to your 6-count repertoire, this workshop is for you, Jitterbug! Students should be comfortable with the 6-count basic step.



Austin Lindy Exchange (ALX) Nov 21-24 – is considered to be one of the best exchanges in the swing scene.  This year will be even more phenomenal and should not be missed! We are proud to announce a top-notch lineup of exceptional swing bands for a true dance extravaganza!

Long live Lindy, long live Bal, long live Shag, LONG LIVE SWING!

Rent Party

The Jonathan Stout Orchestra

Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five

Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders

Jonathan Doyle Swingtet

Hal Smith’s Swing Central

Dirty River Dixie Band


For information see ALX

Tickets can be purchased at:

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

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DJ Round Robin

On October 24th, 2019, four DJS will be presenting the best music for your dancing pleasure in a unique format where they’ll riff off of, one-up, or just compliment each other throughout the evening trading mini-sets. It’s going to be an exciting night of dynamic DJing, awesome music and great dancing! Come listen to and dance to  Keli, Lian, George and Kevin.

Normal pre-dance lesson from 8:15 to 9 PM.


Fall Into Swing Dance

Join us for our “Fall Into Swing Dance”

September 5th at The Texas Women’s Federation

LIVE BAND!!!! 9pm-12.

This is a dance to introduce the Austin community to swing dancing and to welcome our students back for the Fall semester.